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Universal Test Switch UTS1™

Mega Power Systems’ Universal Test Switch UTS1™, offers the functionality and operational reliability that you’ve come to expect from traditional test switch manufacturers. However, unlike traditional test switches, the UTS1™ provides you with a user friendly design, all while eliminating the need for large inventories and time spent replacing non-interchangeable units.

Configure your traditional switch to a Universal Test Switch UTS1™.

The UTS1™ is designed to meet the needs of the customer. Made of an ultra-durable polycarbonate, the ten pole semi-flush mount UTS1™ provides an insulated base and enclosure. Blade configurations are limitless, accommodating various potential, current and knob color combinations. Letter and number designation located above switch blades and along the rear above each terminal makes testing easy. Capped with a clear cover, the operator can conveniently view open and closed positioned blades, as well as circuit identification labels secured in dovetail knob design. Cover also available in black.

Backed by an industry leading 15 year warranty, a quality system that conforms to ISO 9001 and recognition by Underwriters Laboratory as a UL component – the UTS1™ provides superior performance at a customer friendly price.

Simply put, the UTS1™ is the test switch you’ve been long asking for – we’ve listened!

Configure your switch to a Mega Power Systems Universal Test Switch UTS1™.
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